LFCameras.com services professional film & television productions with Full Frame cine packages from Arri, Red, Sony, Angenieux, Cooke, Zeiss & more.

Our partners can hand deliver any number of Large Format camera systems to any film or television production, anywhere on the planet (or in space).

Arri Alexa Mini LF is the world’s premiere cinema camera, filming 4.5k with the widest color range and most realistic skin tones of any camera on the planet. Arri is the camera brand chosen by nearly all Best Picture & Best Cinematographer nominees. LFCameras.com can ship or hand deliver any number of cine camera systems to any film or television production, anywhere in the world.

Arri Signature Primes are the premiere Full-Frame lenses produced by Arri to match their Alexa Large Format line. These ultra-premium cine lenses are T2.0 and include LDS2. LFCameras offers the “Odds Set” for rent, including the 21, 29, 40, 58, 95 & 150mm, to complement the standard set sold by Abel and B&H.

Angenieux Optimo Primes are the brand new Full Frame cine lens series from Angenieux, a world leader in cine optics. Mostly T1.8, these super-speed prime lenses provide metadata (Cooke-I or LDS), plus unique features like replaceable iris blade unit, internal glass optical element & rear filter. Our very rare 6-lens set (21, 28, 40, 50, 75 & 135mm) is available for rent now.

Please call or email with details about your shoot (dates, location, DP, gear list, crew needs, etc), and let us know how we can make your cine dreams come true.

Arri Alexa Mini LF with Signature Primes or Angenieux Optimo Primes