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Equipment Rental Agreement


This Rental Agreement is by and between Nevada Camera & Lens, LLC (herein “NVCameras”) and the Rentee listed below. It is in effect from the date of signature or email confirmation of Rentee’s order and shall remain in effect until ______/______/_____ or until cancelled by NVCameras. Rentee may cancel this contract by written request, at which point it shall be cancelled upon return of any and all Equipment rented from NVCameras and payment of any and all outstanding invoices, damage and loss charges.

ALL of the following are required elements of this Rental Agreement, and no rental equipment will be released without them:

  1. This Rental Agreement, signed by the Rentee identified below;
  2. Color Photo/Scan of Government-Issued ID (typically DL or Passport) from Rentee;
  3. Certificate of Insurance (“COI”) as further detailed below;
  4. Payment in full (typically half due to reserve and half by pickup);
  5. Color Photo/Scan (both sides) of a Credit Card with adequate balance (Debit Card may only be acceptable with a deposit charge equal to Rentee’s insurance deductible).


Company:                    ________________________________________________________

Name (cardholder):    ________________________________________________________

Phone Number:           ________________________________________________________

Mobile/Emergency #: ________________________________________________________

Email Address:            ________________________________________________________

Business Address:       ________________________________________________________

City, State, ZIP:            ________________________________________________________       

Pickup Times/Late Charges: All rental days are billed in 24-hour increments, with a maximum of 3 days billed in any 7-day period or 8 days charged in any 30-day period. Any Equipment not returned by it is due date and time shall be billed at the current rates until returned in the same condition, or other arrangements are made and agreed to by NVCameras.

Inspection/Warranty: Rentee agrees that they or their authorized agents are allowed to pick up, receive or modify the rental Equipment, and are qualified to do so. Rentee will allow only qualified employees or agents to operate the Equipment in the manner and conditions in which it is intended. Unless otherwise specified by email, Rentee authorizes the following Agents to pick up Equipment and/or discuss billing on this contract:

Name:             ____________________________                ____________________________

Mobile/Text:   ____________________________                ____________________________

Email Address: ____________________________               ____________________________

Rentee warrants that Rentee and Rentee’s Agents understand how to, and will test and inspect the Equipment thoroughly and notify NVCameras of any defects, malfunctions, scratches or blemishes prior to taking possession. As soon as any Equipment is removed from NVCameras’s (or any agreed 3rd party provider’s) place of business, by Rentee, Rentee’s Agent, common carrier or carrier’s agent, Rentee takes possession of the Equipment. By taking possession, Rentee agrees that it is in full working, undamaged condition, unless noted in writing at the time. NVCameras’s sole liability, if any, for furnishing the wrong, incomplete, or defective Equipment to the Rentee is limited to a same-day replacement with identical or similar gear, or rebate of the prorated rental charged hereunder for such Equipment. NVCameras is sole judge of the Equipment in question, and NVCameras alone decides if the Equipment was wrong, incomplete, or defective. No terms, representation or warranty, expressed or implied, are binding on NVCameras unless set forth herein in writing.

Return of the Equipment: Rentee agrees to return all rented Equipment by the agreed-upon return day/time and in the same condition in which it was received. The acceptance of the return of leased Equipment is not a waiver of claims that NVCameras may have against the Rentee, nor is it a waiver of claims for latent or patent damage to the leased Equipment.

Payment Terms, Deposit & Cancellation: All rentals must be pre-paid in full. Anon-refundable deposit equal to half (50%) of the total is due at time of reservation, with remainder due at or before pick-up/delivery. Reservations cancelled or rescheduled at least 24 hours before scheduled pick-up day/time may apply funds already paid toward future rentals of in-house equipment.

Pricing & Availability: Pricing & availability are not guaranteed until this Rental Agreement with valid billing information is received and Rentee delivers at least 50% of the total as a non-refundable deposit. At that point, NVCameras will reserve the agreed upon Equipment for Rentee’s specified rental date(s). In the rare event that an unforeseen circumstance prevents NVCameras from providing the reserved Equipment at the scheduled pickup day/time, NVCameras will make its best efforts to provide replacement of identical or similar Equipment through another vendor within 24 hours of notice, or will refund to Rentee any payment for missing Equipment on missing days.

Loss, Damage & Holdover Rent: Other than normal wear and tear, Rentee is liable for any and all loss and damage to the rented Equipment while in the possession of Rentee or Rentee’s Agents, without deduction for depreciation. These standards are set solely by NVCameras. Rentee is responsible for the full replacement cost for any Equipment lost, stolen or damaged, set as current price for new Equipment without deduction for depreciation or usage. NVCameras alone determines whether Equipment should be repaired or replaced. All repair costs are the responsibility of Rentee. NVCameras shall choose the method and provider of repair, parts and shipping. Equipment that is lost, stolen or not returned on time will be charged pro-rated rental rates until such time that the gear is returned in its original condition, and may further encumber Rentee with lost rental revenue. Rental fees may not be applied toward L&D charges. All past due accounts are subject to a financing charge of 1.5% interest per month (18% annum).

Insurance & Security Requirements: For the term of any rental,Rentee agrees to maintain sufficient insurance on all rented Equipment and repair or replace anything lost, damaged or destroyed before its safe return to NVCameras. Rentee shall keep the Equipment insured against all risks of loss or damage from every cause whatsoever for not less than the replacement value and shall carry liability & property damage insurance covering the Equipment and its operation & handling for the amount of its full retail replacement value. Rentee agrees to send NVCameras an insurance certificate naming “Nevada Camera & Lens, LLC” at the address listed below as Loss Payee and Additionally Insured. Rentee shall maintain All Risk Property Insurance providing coverage to replace the Equipment rented from NVCameras without a reduction for depreciation (Replacement Cost coverage). Policy coverage territory is to be “Worldwide,” and Rentee shall maintain Commercial General Liability insurance in an amount of no less than $1,000,000 Limit Each Occurrence, for Bodily Injury and/or Property Damage and $1,000,000 Personal Injury. Coverages provided must be primary and non-contributory with any insurance maintained by NVCameras. All insurance required to be carried by Rentee shall be issued by reputable and independent insurers having a Best’s Rating of “A” and a “Financial Size Category” of at least XII, or if such ratings are not in effect, the equivalent thereof. It is agreed that Rentee’s insurance, including all requirements herein, shall commence at the time any of NVCameras’s Equipment leaves the premises of NVCameras or any associated sub-rental owners’ facilities, and shall remain in full force and effect until the Equipment is returned. Foreign use and Shipment is subject to additional terms and conditions. NVCameras, at its sole discretion, may require Rentee to provide a Security Deposit on a credit card or debit card equal to the Rentee’s insurance deductible, to be refunded after deduction of any applicable charges as provided herein.

Shipping & Handling: Unless otherwise agreed to and noted on the invoice by NVCameras, all shipping, handling, delivery, customs and insurance charges are the responsibility of Rentee. NVCameras suggests shipping with adequate time to accommodate delays. Air handling can be very hard on Equipment and is out of our control. In the event of malfunction, the renter is still responsible for transportation, rental & repair costs. Rentee assumes possession of the Equipment and all risks and expenses for any shipment once the Equipment has been consigned to a carrier, or carrier’s agent. If not specified by the Rentee, NVCameras will determine which carrier to use. NVCameras is not liable in any way for the loss, damage, delay or costs arising from the shipment.

Title/Liability: At all times, the sole title of ownership and all rights attached to the ownership to the Equipment remains in the name of the NVCameras or the subrented gear’s rightful owners. NVCameras is not liable for any loss, damage or injury caused by leased Equipment. The Rentee hereby indemnifies and holds harmless NVCameras, its agents and employees, from any claims, including legal fees & costs, collection costs, bank fees and bounced check fees that might arise from, be connected with, or result from the use or possession of the leased Equipment, and the Rentee assumes all liability for any such claims.

Bankruptcy, Default & Right of Entry: In the event that Rentee fails to make payment when due or enters into a state of insolvency, bankruptcy or receivership, or allows the necessary insurance coverage to lapse, the Rentee will be in default. At that time, NVCameras may terminate this lease and repossess the Equipment without prior notice to the Rentee or to any receiver, trustee, and assignee for the benefit of creditors or levying officer. NVCameras or its agents may lawfully enter at reasonable times the premises wherein the Equipment resides or is being used for the purpose of inspection or repossession without liability for trespass or damage that may occur upon such entry.

Litigation: In the event that any legal claim results from or arises out of this Agreement or the performance thereof, the Parties agree to reimburse the prevailing party’s reasonable attorney’s fees, court costs, and all other expenses, whether or not taxable by the court as costs, in addition to any other relief to which the prevailing party may be entitled. Any litigation will be held in Clark County, NV, and Rentee consents to jurisdiction thereof.

Assignment and Subletting: Rentee shall not assign, transfer or sublet its rights under this lease, and will not pledge, mortgage, or encumber the leased Equipment in any way. The Rentee may not remove or cover any name plates, tags or serial numbers which identify the Equipment as belonging to the NVCameras.

Unlawful Acts: The Rentee will not permit the leased Equipment to be used in violation of any federal, state or municipal laws or regulations, and holds NVCameras harmless from any fines, penalties or forfeitures that may result from such acts. If the Equipment for any reason is confiscated by a public authority, the Rentee will be liable for continued rental charges until it is returned to the NVCameras.

Privacy Policy: NVCameras uses Rentee’s information only for the purpose of providing its rental services to Rentee. All information shall only be shared within its organization, with its agents, contractors and employees as needed. From time to time NVCameras may contact Rentee regarding rentals. Rentee may opt-out of marketing communications by initialing here _____, after which NVCameras will limit communication to those concerning Rentee’s rentals.

Original Document & Signature: A facsimile, photocopy or scanned image of this document shall be considered as true as the original and shall remain in full effect. Emailed signatures shall have the same legal effect and enforceability as wet signatures. Delivery of Equipment to Rentee shall have the same effect and enforceability as NVCameras’ signature.

Authorization: The undersigned Rentee hereby states that he/she has the authority to enter into this Agreement, and, if signing for a corporation/business entity, he/she has the authority to bind the corporation/business entity to this Agreement. Rentee has read, understood and agrees to everything in it, including but not limited to rental procedures, billing information, insurance information, additional contacts and the terms and conditions listed on the following page. NVCameras may charge and/or authorize my card in accordance with the outlined policies. Failure or delay of NVCameras for any reason, or for any length of time, to exercise any of its rights under this Agreement or to insist upon compliance with any or all provisions of this Agreement shall not constitute waiver thereof in whole or in part. Rentee further agrees that it will indemnify NVCameras for any and all costs, legal expenses or other charges incurred by NVCameras in enforcing the terms of this Agreement.

Agreement: I, the Rentee identified above, have read, understand and agree to all 5 pages of this Agreement, and I agree to pay for all charges based on this contract, as specified herein:

_______________________________          ______________________                __________

RENTEE & CARDHOLDER SIGNATURE             TITLE                                                   DATE


Nevada Camera & Lens, LLC

Payment Terms & Credit Card Authorization

All rentals and subrentals must be paid in full at or before time of pick-up, with half non-refundable deposit due at time of reservation. Additional charges incurred are due at time of service, but in no case after return of Equipment. NVCameras, at its sole discretion, may charge a Security Deposit equal to Rentee’s insurance deductible.

Third Party Shipping billed at Cost+10%. Most Equipment rentals used in Nevada are subject to Nevada Sales & Use Tax of 8.25%. All Debit Card, Credit Card or PayPal payments incur a 4% Convenience Fee. Bank wire fee $30. There is no fee for payment by cash, check, Zelle, Venmo or crypto-currencies. Bounced check fee $50.

Regardless of payment type, the following credit card, which Rentee warrants has sufficient room for all charges and deductibles, will secure the rental and any damage/loss. Debit cards only acceptable by charging a deposit equal to Rentee’s insurance deductible. Unless other payment is provided, this card may be used for all charges and/or authorizations associated with all rentals through the Term of this Agreement:

Name on Card:            ________________________________________________________

Card Number:             ________________________________________________________

Exp. Date:                    ________________________________________________________

CVV / Security:            ________________________________________________________

Billing Zip:                   ________________________________________________________

Please provide scans of the front & back of the card below, or they may be attached. If the Cardholder is different from the Rentee identified in the Rental Agreement, please provide government photo identification for the Cardholder as well. Rentals, deductibles, overage, rental loss, any other applicable charges or full value of Equipment may be authorized on this card, taking away from available balance. Authorizations on cards tied to bank accounts will take away from Rentee’s balance, and may overdraft Rentee’s account.

The undersigned Rentee hereby states that he/she has the authority to charge this account:

_______________________________                      ______________________    __________

RENTEE or CARDHOLDER SIGNATURE                        TITLE                                       DATE

Please remember to include scans of front & back of card. Thank you!