Large Format Cameras services professional film & television productions with Full Frame cine packages from Arri, Angenieux, Anton Bauer, Cooke, Red, Sachtler, Sony, Teradek, Zeiss & more.

We carry multiple Arri Alexa Mini LF & Arri Alexa 35 packages in-house. Arri is the brand chosen by nearly all Academy Award Best Picture & Best Cinematographer nominees.

Our clients include movie studios, production companies, TV networks, indie filmmakers, commercials, cinematographers, documentarians, sports leagues, stage shows & live events. can ship or hand deliver any number of cine camera systems to any film or television production, anywhere in the world.

Since our launch in 2013 (as Nevada Camera & Lens LLC), our gear has worked in 12 states, 1 territory and 3 foreign countries.

Alexa 35 Production Set

The brand new Arri Alexa 35 offers the widest color range and most realistic skin tones of any camera on the planet. With 17 stops of dynamic range on a 4.6k sensor, this master artist’s tool can capture rich, creamy tones in any lighting challenges. LFCameras pre-ordered 2 of these bad boys on its launch day, and expects to take delivery in August 2022. These will be in hot demand, so advance reservations are recommended.

Arri Large Format
3 Little Mini’s Went to Market…

Arri Alexa Mini LF is the world’s most respected large format cinema camera, filming 4.5k for the best wide-format cinematography available. We carry 2 Mini LF’s in house, and can source any number of Mini’s & Mini LF’s for large shoots. When booking, please specify desired lenses & accessories.

Arri Signature Primes

Arri Signature Primes are the premiere Full-Frame lenses produced by Arri to match their Alexa cameras. These ultra-premium cine lenses are T2.0 and include LDS2. LFCameras offers the “Odds Set” for rent, including the 21, 29, 40, 58, 95 & 150mm, to complement the standard set sold by Abel and B&H. We also carry Zeiss Compact Zooms to provide matching image.


Angenieux Optimo Primes are the Full Frame cine lens series from a world leader in cine optics. Mostly T1.8, these super-speed prime lenses provide metadata (Cooke-I or LDS), plus unique features like replaceable iris blade unit, internal glass optical element & rear filter. Our very rare 6-lens set (21, 28, 40, 50, 75 & 135mm) is available for rent now. Angenieux’s matching EZ-1 & EZ-2 Zoom Set is coming soon.

Canon R5C & 28-70 f/2.0 Zoom

The brand new Canon EOS R5C is a hand-held powerhouse, capable of shooting 8k raw, with high frame rate (and 45MP stills). Its matching RF 28-70 f/2.0 zoom lens offers cinema quality at prosumer rates. Great for behind-the-scenes documentary, travel, live events and budget-minded creative content.

Pascal & Mini LF on Ben’s Tesla Camera Car

Looking for something else? We partner with production companies and equipment owners around the world to provide what professionals need, where they need it. Rental rates are flexible for non-profits, student films, and extended shoots like indie features.

Please call or email with details about your shoot (dates, location, DP, gear list, crew needs, etc). Production services are also available through our sister company, Cohencidence Productions, LLC. Let us know how we can make your cine dreams come true.