Anton Bauer Interactive 2000 Quad Charger (Gold Mount)




The Q-2702 is a four position power supply/battery charger. One of Anton Bauers Interactive 2000 PowerChargers, the Q-2702 is fully compatible with all current and future Gold Mount batteries. Interactive 2000 PowerChargers were designed with future expansion in mind. Batteries are charged quickly, safely and reliably, extending the service life of the battery and eliminating any “memory” type effect in NiCd batteries.

Gold Mount Charger
The Q-2702 is fully compatible with all current and future Anton Bauer Logic Series Gold Mount batteries.
Modular Platform
The modular design of the Q-2702 allows for economical expansion to meet future needs.
Charging Technology
Six simultaneous charge termination systems are built-in to protect the batteries from damage:
SSP (Selective Sequence Programming)
Automatic Balance/Rejuvenation Mode:
Lifesaver Maintenance Mode:
Cold Battery Safety Sensor:
PLM (Power Loss Memory) Mode:
AC Mains Power Supply
Offers a built-in regulated 70W DC output power supply, eliminating the need for a separate power supply. The mains input automatically adapts to any source worldwide (90 – 260V AC, 50 – 60Hz) for both charging the batteries and powering the camera.
LCD Display
A multifunction LCD addresses each of the battery positions.
Display Indications Include:
Charge status
Available capacity
Battery type/rating
Percent of maximum charge
Battery serial number
Battery date of manufacture
Number of charge/discharge cycles
Battery internal temperature
A Diagnostic/Discharge module is included for automatic calibration of digital Gold Mount batteries.

This Gold Mount charger is NOT compatible with Dionic XT batteries.