Arri Alexa 35 Super 35 Cinema Camera (PL or LPL Mount)

From: 2,000$


The brand new Arri Alexa 35 offers the widest color range and most realistic skin tones of any camera on the planet. With 17 stops of dynamic range on a 4.6k sensor, this master artist’s tool can capture rich, creamy tones in any lighting challenges. LFCameras has 2 of these bad boys in stock, and can book more through our network. These are in hot demand, so advance reservations are recommended. Base package includes Camera body, cage, MVF-2, Gold-mount battery plate, 3 Codex cards and a codex reader. When booking, please specify desired lenses & accessories. Accepts PL or LPL or lenses.

Ask about our Indie Film Special. Flat rate pricing includes:

1 Alexa 35 or 1 Alexa Mini LF,  plus DP’s choice of:

  • Arri Signature or Angenieux Optimo Primes
  • Zeiss Compact Zooms
  • Codex Media Cards
  • Gold Mount & Block Batteries
  • Monitors & Wireless Transmitters
  • Manual & Wireless Follow Focus
  • Matte Box
  • Filters
  • Tripod
  • Cart
  • + more!