Arri Alexa Mini LF Gold Camera Set 4.5k (PL or LPL Mount)



Arri Alexa Mini LF is the world’s most respected large format cinema camera, filming 4.5k for the best wide-format cinematography available. We carry 2 Mini LF’s in house, and can source any number of Mini’s & Mini LF’s for large shoots. Base package includes Camera body, cage, MVF-2, Gold-mount battery plate, 4 Codex cards and a codex reader. Accepts PL or LPL or lenses. When booking, please specify desired lenses & accessories.

Ask about our Indie Film Special. Flat rate pricing includes:

1 Alexa 35 or 1 Alexa Mini LF,  plus DP’s choice of:

  • Arri Signature or Angenieux Optimo Primes
  • Zeiss Compact Zooms
  • Codex Media Cards
  • Gold Mount & Block Batteries
  • Monitors & Wireless Transmitters
  • Manual & Wireless Follow Focus
  • Matte Box
  • Filters
  • Tripod
  • Cart
  • + more!