Arri Codex HS Media Drive (2TB)




The Codex HS Media Bundle from ARRI offers optimal performance in a cost-saving set. Ideal for getting started with a new camera setup, it consists of three 2TB compact drives and a Thunderbolt 3 compact drive reader. The Thunderbolt 3 Dock is a fast transfer unit and is recommended for any intensive shooting schedule. The 2TB compact drive offers more recording capacity and a higher write speed, especially for recording ARRIRAW with the ALEXA 35. An ALEXA Mini LF cannot reach higher frame rates with a 2TB drive.

ARRI Codex Compact Drive 2TB
The compact Codex Compact Drive 2TB from ARRI is a fast, durable drive compatible with ALEXA 35 and ALEXA Mini LF cameras. This 2TB drive provides a usable capacity of 1920GB and a write speed of up to 16 Gb/s (~2000 MB/s) for unlimited recording. A yellow ring offers easy color coding when used with drives of other capacities.

Approximate Recording Times
ALEXA 35 at 24 fps
56 minutes in ARRIRAW 4.6K OG
3.5 hours in Apple ProRes 4444 16:9 UHD 4K
ALEXA Mini LF at 24 fps
64 minutes in ARRIRAW 4.5K OG
4 hours in Apple ProRes 4444 16:9 UHD 4K

Compatible with Arri Alexa Mini LF & Arri Alexa 35. We carry 6 in stock.