Arri MB-20 Mk II Swing-Away Matte Box




The ARRI MB-20 System II Complete Set for 15mm LWS (3-Stage) is a versatile, modular mattebox designed primarily for the high definition video market, but can easily be used with 16mm or 35mm format film cameras. Interchangeable modules allow for either rod mounted swing-away operation or for clamping directly onto the lens.

The heart of the mattebox is the Basic Module, which can be fitted with the removable Sunshade and Top, Bottom, and Side Flags (flags sold separately). Interchangeable Hard Mattes (not included) can be snapped into the front of the sun shade.

The back of the Basic Module accepts a 2- or 3-Filter Stage (3-stage included), with each being individually rotatable.

The right-hand edge of the Basic Module mates with one of 2 support systems (15mm LWS rod console included):

The Clamp-on Adapter (Sold Separately)

In this mode the mattebox clamps directly to the front of the lens. The Clamp-on Adapter (sold separately) natively fits lenses with a front diameter of 130mm. A range of Adapter Rings (not included) reduce the basic 130mm diameter to as little as 80mm, accomodating a wide variety of lenses.

The Swing Away Module

The Swing Away Module offers all the features of a production mattebox, where the mattebox is mounted on support rods and the entire front section swings forward to facilitate lens changes. The Swing Away Module is fitted with the Console for Lightweight Support, which mounts directly on 15mm Lightweight Support Rods. A 15mm or 19mm Studio rod adapter bracket is available (sold separately).

In Swing Away mode, the rear of the filter stage is fitted with a 143mm diameter (R2) Bellows Adapter (bellows sold separately).


Designed for film and digital cameras
Works with wide angle HD zooms
Modular construction allows all mounting options
Offers up to three independently rotating filter stages
Accommodates a wide range of filter sizes
All filters can be individually rotated and locked off
Can be equipped with top, bottom, side flags and hard mattes (sold separately)
Provides an upgrade path as wider lenses come to market
Locking swing-away lens access
NOTE: The distinctions between MB-20 System I (sold separately) and System II (included) are as follows:

System I has a removable sun shade
System I has unique mounting points for top and side flags
System II has a cage around the outside of the sun shade for extra rigidity
System II has different mounting points for top and side flags

Some parts and flags may be missing from this set.