Cinesaddle (Large)

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2Cinesaddles are filled with high tech foam balls that push the sides of the bag tight up against the camera to hold it rock steady. In similar fashion, the bottom of the CineSaddle molds itself to the shape of the object it is resting on preventing it from slipping. The interior foam balls also absorb vibration and provide a stable surface for the camera. The Cinesaddle is also extremely lightweight and simple to set up.

The Cinesaddle allows you to be creative, because it can be used in so many ways. Place the camera and Cinesaddle on any flat surface or on top of a tripod. You can even pan and tilt with the Cinesaddle. With the included mounting kit, you can strap the Cinesaddle to any moving object and create a dolly.

The Cinesaddle comes in variety of models, depending on your needs and the size of your camera. The Original Australian Cinesaddle is a full size saddle for professional cameras ranging in size from DSLR to MiniDV or from Broadcast HD to compact HD models. It is different from the Marsupial Cinesaddle in that the Marsupial includes a pouch for accessories while the Original Australian Cinesaddle does not.

Static Use

As a basic camera mount the Cinesaddle is far more versatile than the tripod. It is lighter, smaller, offers greater stability and it will never pinch your fingers.

No fluid head is needed; the Cinesaddle grips the camera tightly, keeping it rock steady while you make any shot. Panning and tilting is as easy as with a fluid head, only the technique is different.

The Cinesaddle’s small size lets you mount your camera in the most confined space. Only one cubic foot in size, the Marsupial Cinesaddle’s total weight is only two pounds. That’s less than the weight of a standard zoom lens.

For an eye level shot, mount your camera onto any stable object such as a piece of furniture, a prop or your camera case. You can even strap the Cinesaddle to an appropriate tripod in place of a fluid head.

Dynamic Use

The most exciting possibilities occur when the Cinesaddle is used as a dynamic mount, such as during shots where the camera is mounted to a moving object. Using the Mounting Kit and the handy instruction manual provided to you with purchase, the Cinesaddle can be attached to any moving vehicle or moving object.

Point the Cinesaddle forward or sideways on a baby carriage/stroller, a bicycle, or a wheel chair to obtain a unique perspective on a temporary dolly.

If you mount the Cinesaddle onto a smooth surface, the Cinesaddle may be pulled or pushed across the surface without need for an external dolly. You may wish to do a sound test first, in case the sliding sound of the canvas on the smooth surface registers in your recording.

NOTE: Please read the Instruction Manual and ensure your mounting is secure for the camera you use to prevent damage to your valuable gear.

Included Items

The Marsupial Cinesaddle features a mounting kit, shoulder strap, 3x pockets and a pouch. The pouch can be used to store accessories. If you think you will require a storage pouch on your Cinesaddle, then please order the Marsupial Cinesaddle instead. If you want to see the Cinesaddle in action, you can check out the various helpful videos the manufacturer has included on their website.


Dimensions: 12 x 12″ (30.5 x 30.5cm)
Weight (without mounting kit): 20 oz
Weight (mounting kit only): 32 oz
Weight (total): 3.25 lbs
Fabric: Canvas 3 pockets and a pouch
Includes: Shoulder strap, mounting kit, instruction manual
Primary Usage: Broadcast HD and Compact HD