Film Tools Dana Dolly Adaptor




The Dana Dolly Mitchell to 150mm Ball Adapter is an adapter that allows you to mount a video head with a 150mm leveling ball to the Mitchell plate machined into your Dana Dolly. This product is made under the specs of type 3 hard anodized for superior wear and corrosion protection with CNC machined aluminum.

It is a keyless adapter, which means that no time is spent lining up the adapter with the key-way on your dolly’s Mitchell plate, tightening the heads tie-down keeps the adapter from spinning. The outer edges of the adapter are chamfered, for a gentler hand hold, and a polished appearance.

CNC Machined 6061 aluminum that is type 3 Mil Spec anodized for wear and corrosion resistance
Works with all Dana Dolly Mitchell type plates
Key-less design saves time when mounting
Chamfered edges provide a polished, professional look

Compatible with Sachtler V.25 and Cine30HD Fluid Heads.