Lume CUBE V2 Travel Lighting Kit




Finally, bring your most impossible visions to life with the lighting kit that does it all. Maximize your creative potential with 2 Lume Cube 2.0 lights and every gel, modifier, and diffuser we make, protected in a compact carrying case.
What Does This Product Do?
Two Lume Cube 2.0 lights for maximum creative flexibility
Easy-to-use magnetic mounting system lets you switch scenes quickly
Stackable modifiers to create your own favorite combinations
Gels and diffusers adjust lighting temperature and more
Snoot modifier creates a zero-spill spotlight effect
Four hinged Barn Door modifier narrows and shapes light for linear and rectangular effects
Honeycomb Grids decrease beam angle and minimize spill
Custom foam carrying case designed to keep your gear safe and secure while you travel

Package includes:

2 lights

2 barn dors

20 Filters

charging cable