Film Tools TR-04 Camera Cart




The Filmtools Aluminum Collapsible Camera Cart is fully collapsible and the four main wheels fit inside the cavity for easy shipping. When collapsed the cart is held together by four round posts and four Allen screws operated by a 3/16 Allen Wrench. When assembled it is held together by four round posts which attach to a bottom and top shelf by using telescopic locks operated with a 5/32 Allen wrench.

The great thing about this setup is the customization available with it. The top shelf is adjustable and can be set to any height. This is made possible with the vertical heavy-duty vertical aluminum 39″ posts on each corner. This customization does not give away any strength also since the top shelf can withstand all the way up to 200 lbs. On the other hand, the bottom shelf is safe to hold up to 800 lbs for anything heavier in your arsenal. As shown in the pictures, the cart comes with 10″ fully pneumatic wheels that can slide in and out. Once you slide it out, you can store it into the cart and transform it back into a traveling case. Highlights
4 vertical heavy-duty vertical aluminum 39″ posts
Adjustable top shelf and stationary bottom shelf. 50.5″ x 24″ with a 3″ lip
Full width push/pull handle
Four removable 10″ wheels (two swivel w/ locks, two fixed)

includes Mitchell mount, baby pin mount and 2 tripod mounts.

Rates listed are per day, with weeks billed at 3 days, and months billed at 8 days.